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Affordable, convenient, and easy to use... that’s the KidsVision promise! With NO UPFRONT COST, EQUIPMENT INSTALLED FREE OF CHARGE, and low monthly service fees, our KidsVision systems are priced so that all childcare centers can afford it. No center is too big or too small!

KidsVision will bill the childcare provider a monthly service fee for the system and maintenance depending on the individual facility. Ordinarily this fee is passed back to the parents in slightly higher tuition rates or subscription fees, in affect the KidsVision system PAYS FOR ITSELF.

Schedule a free, no obligation parent polling at your childcare center today, and you'll be overwhelmed by the positive parent responses. On average over 90% of parents polled have said they would select a childcare provider with an online video system installed over another provider. And, over 75% agreed, they would be willing to pay higher fees for this added convenience and peace of mind. Don't wait any longer, contact a KidsVision service representative for further information at 1-888-Kids-Vsn (1-888-543-7876) or

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