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Provider Benefits

Grow Your Childcare Center

A comparable "cash-up-front" equipment purchase could take years to generate a return on your investment. With KidsVision, enrolling only one to two students would cover your monthly fees, additional enrollment means an instant return on your investment, usually in the first month of service. You get all the benefits of KidsVision now but can keep your cash reserves for playground equipment, teacher salaries, or anything else you choose.

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State of the Art Quality:

State of the art MPEG4 video compression ensures superior picture quality.

Custom Web Design:

KidsVision web design experts custom program and design a professional quality website just for your center.

Ease of Use:

Parents access the live video directly from your website. Internet access and a standard web browser is all that is needed.

Digital Recordings:

Digitally record daily activities continuously or only on motion detection. Search recordings by date, time, location, and camera. Permanently archive incidents to CD-ROM or DVD.

User Authentication:

Each person you authorize uses their own unique username and password to access the protected area of your website.

Multi-Site Management:

Simultaneously view live or previously recorded video from various cameras at multiple locations.

Room Level Permissions:

Define exactly which camera or group of cameras each user can access.

Save Your Cash:

KidsVision transforms what would be a multi-thousand dollar investment into affordable monthly payments.

Secure Digital Encryption:

128 bit digital encryption further protects against unauthorized access, the same security used by our Federal Government.

Pays For Itself:

Less than the price of a mocha cappuccino, parents will pay a slightly higher tuition rates for the increased peace of mind.

Reliable and Hassle Free:

Our friendly customer service staff handles all parent technical issues via toll-free telephone support and live person chat.

Set Your Own Fees:

Provide the KidsVision service across the board to all of your parents, or charge families a monthly subscription fee. The choice is yours!


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