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Choosing a Great Password

  • Don't choose a password associated with you in any way (middle initial, maiden name, pet's name, child's name, etc.)

  • Don't choose words that can be found in any dictionary, whether English or any language

  • Don't reverse the spelling of a dictionary word

  • Use an acronym from an easy to remember phrase ("!A stitch in time saves nine!" can translate to !ASITS9!

  • Choose passwords at least 8 characters long

  • Use a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters. Example: *JaFe90+

Security of KidsVision

The KidsVision service was built from the ground up specifically for the childcare industry. As the market leader, we understand that security and parent trust is absolutely critical to your success, as well as ours. Our daycare camera service extends a childcare provider's open door policies. Only authorized users have access to the KidsVision daycare webcams. ALL ACCESS (both, unsuccessful and successful attempts) are logged and carefully monitored.

Remember, passwords should be a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters.

User Authentication

KidsVision's multi-step security process allows authorized users to select up to 3 unique usernames and passwords. Once the childcare provider has confirmed the authenticity of the user, the distinct username password combination is entered into the KidsVision camera system. Only then, can a user access the streaming web cams. In addition, daycare providers can select to only allow a user access to a specific camera or group of rooms depending on their needs.

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Digital Encryption

Today's internet savvy parents understand that username and password protection are not enough to adequately protect your Kiddie Cam Service from unauthorized viewing. That's why all KidsVision systems use 128 bit SSL Encryption to protect usernames and passwords. 128 bit data encryption is the maximum level of encryption technology available today, and is the same security used by our Federal Goverment to protect their sensitive data.

Encryption is the process of encoding information in such a way that only the user (or computer) with the key can decode the information. As part of the encryption process, a third party agency called a Certificate Authority verifies that our KidsVision web servers are secure and can be trusted by providers and parents.

It's Not Child's Play!

You've heard of an unscrupulous person who listens to his neighbor's cordless phone conversations with a scanner. The web works in a very similar way. With very simple and readily available scanning software, malicious individuals can see your parents' username and passwords. In order to protect highly sensitive data from being intercepted, our Federal Government, Fortune 500 Companies, and KidsVision rely on 128 bit data encryption.

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Dedicated Team of Experts

In addition to encryption, our team of dedicated intrusion experts, security engineers, and technical support personnel work in tandem to continually monitor and immediately respond to suspicious activity. Internal security procedures are constantly updated to account for ever growing and complex security threats. The result is that we maintain unsurpassed security and privacy of your KidsVision service.

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