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frequently asked questions

Below are answers to questions that centers frequently have concerning the KidsVision Daycare Camera Service. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please call us toll free 1.888.543.7876 or e-mail us at

How many cameras will I need?
Tell me more about the camera quality?
How many parents can I add as users to view the video?
As an administrator, what can I manage for users?
Does my system record and store video?
Is your live technical support extended to parents?
What is the installation process and what does it cost me?
What are the bandwidth requirements? (Internet speed)
What does KidsVision Daycare Camera service cost?
What do my parents need to do in order to see the video?
Tell me more about the custom website designs and maintenance?
I already have a website that I am happy with. Can I keep my old website and have KidsVision?
How will I introduce the KidsVision system to my parents?