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Choosing a Great Password

  • Don't choose a password associated with you in any way (middle initial, maiden name, pet's name, child's name, etc.)

  • Don't choose words that can be found in any dictionary, whether English or any language

  • Don't reverse the spelling of a dictionary word

  • Use an acronym from an easy to remember phrase ("!A stitch in time saves nine!" can translate to !ASITS9!

  • Choose passwords at least 8 characters long

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Daycare Cameras

KidsVision specializes in high quality, secure Internet video products and services developed specifically for parents and childcare providers. KidsVision uses state of the art technology to provide the highest quality viewing experience. Unlike other systems which use static snapshots, KidsVision uses H.264 MPEG4 technology, the same technology used by today's Blu Ray players.

KidsVision's daycare cameras offer remote viewing access and multi-camera display for parents to view their children online anytime from any computer, phone, or tablet with Internet access. Other features include password protection, online support, and a trained staff to help answer all of your questions.


We use the highest quality CCTV cameras available. They are 600+ lines resolution with full color. infrared cameras and varifocal lens, full body cameras are also available.

Low-end webcams and video servers typically only support 5 - 10 simultaneous users. These products may even allow adding more than 10 users, but will not allow 10 users to view your service concurrently. It's not that these are bad products, rather these systems were not designed for the childcare market. Yet, many vendors in this industry use these exact products.

In comparison, a typical KidsVision daycare center with 100 students will have 300-500 users(providing 3 - 5 user accounts per child). KidsVision equipment allows for a virtually unlimited number of users. Simultaneous access with KidsVision will only be restricted by the amount of bandwidth provided by your Internet Service Provider(ISP), not by your KidsVision equipment.

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Frames Per Second

The number of frames per second (fps) of video affects how fluid video displays. Low-end systems typically support only 1 - 10 fps per camera, causing video to appear jumpy or choppy. When comparing services, remember total frame rates should be divided by the total number of cameras attached to the system. For example, a 4 camera system with 30 fps allows for a maximum of 7.5 fps on each camera (30 fps divided by 4 cameras). Keep in mind that a standard television displays video at 30 fps.


Product or Service:

FPS Per Camera:


8 Cam Competitor System

3.8 fps

30 fps

16 Cam Competitor System

1.9 fps

30 fps

8 Cam KidsVision System

30 fps

240 fps

16 Cam KidsVision System

30 fps

480 fps

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Video Compression

Raw video has huge file sizes and must be compressed in order to stream over the Internet and record to disk. The smaller the file, the better the quality and speed of your video. Most systems use one of the following compression standards: MJPEG (Motion JPEG), Wavelet, or H.264 MPEG4. Because of its unique ability to compress files to their smallest size, H.264 MPEG4 is the industry standard for streaming video online.


Product or Service:



Web or Network Cameras



Surveillance Products



KidsVision Kiddie Cam

H.264 MPEG4


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