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Frequently Asked Questions

As a potential KidsVision user we know you might have some questions regarding the service. These are our most frequently asked questions. However, if you think of something not shown here, give us a call at 1-88-Kids-Vsn(1-888-543-7876) or send us an email to We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Why is KidsVision different from other online childcare camera services?
How does the KidsVision daycare camera service work?
How secure is the KidsVision preschool monitoring system?
Can KidsVision provide a camera demonstration at my daycare center?
Can grandparents and other authorized relatives access the KidsVision web cams?
I'm having trouble accessing the KidsVision kiddie cams?
How much does the KidsVision childcare monitoring service cost?
I have a few other questions about daycare cameras, webcams, or KidsVision?

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