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KidsVision Reinforces the high level of commitment and care your center provides to parents and children. With KidsVision, you can increase monthly revenue, parent satisfaction and communications, while having the added convenience of being able to monitor your facility and employees from any computer. Best of all, qualifying centers can enjoy all the benefits of KidsVision at ABSOLUTELY NO UPFRONT COST.

Understanding your parents' needs is absolutely critical when operating a childcare business. If you think you can differentiate your center on price alone, you are likely mistaken. Parents are far more motivated by service, quality, and peace of mind. Don't wait until your competitor offers the service. Stand out from your competition and become your market leader! Equipped with KidsVision Kiddie Cam Service, childcare providers charge higher tuition rates, maintain a higher retention of customers, all while increasing new enrollment.

How Does It Work?

The video is streamed from your website where it can be accessed by authorized users of the KidsVision service. After you approve a parent's login information, it is entered into the KidsVision admin control panel. Immediately the authorized user will have access to the live video. The user simply browses to your website, and logs into the secure area of your site. The KidsVision online video can be accessed from any computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection and a standard web browser. Parents can watch the cameras from home, work, or while traveling. It's that simple.

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