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About Us

KidsVision was started over a decade ago with childcare in mind. Since then KidsVision has become the market leader in secure kiddie cam solutions. It was the first company to provide clients true streaming MPEG4 video compression. Exceptional customer service, superior video quality, and uncompromised security is what you can expect from your KidsVision service.

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About KidsVision

What is KidsVision?

KidsVision is an online video streaming service that is implemented into childcare centers. Our streaming service provides secure access for parents to view their children online from their childcare provider's website using any standard web browser. This video access is available through a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet with internet access.

KidsVision was created to keep families close and form trust between the family and the childcare center. KidsVision streaming video services eliminate concern and create a bond between teacher and parent that gives parents peace of mind. Parents can take comfort knowing their child is getting the care he or she deserves, while providers can enjoy the extra security and the peace of parent satisfaction.

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